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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 30, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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see you next fox news sunday. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. scrambling to gain the upper hand on wildfires. investigators about to wrap up their latest search in the case after woman found alive after she vanished nearly two decades ago and an amazing rescue in texas. rescuers were all, but ready to give up hope. i'm patti ann browne as we're live as fox reports tonight. the threat is growing. thousands of homes in danger of being destroyed as eight massive wildfires rage cross california forcing evacuations and stretching in already cash
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strapped states. with a fire like this, everyone is equal. it will take brush, it will take everything. >> it will be a tough battle the next couple of days. >> plus, digging for clues. investigators now turning their attention to a neighbor's back yard, just a few feet away from the hidden camp where police say jaycee dugard was kept for 18 years. tonight, the latest on the investigation and what police are hoping to find. the fires are totally out of control, those words from the governor of california as he warns everyone, told to evacuate, to drop everything and leave. these fires are being fueled by than 2000 people are working to protect 12,000 homes from the advancing flames. many firefighters working two or three days without a break. it's happening 15 miles from los angeles. officials want to keep the flames within the blue line here, the red is the fire's
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perimeter. the yellow is evacuated areas. and take a look at this amazing time lapse video from eric spiegelman, it shows the smoke billowing out of the area near glendale just over an hour and a half. california governor arnold schwarzenegger warning people in the area to take this fire seriously. >> please, listen and follow the evacuation orders from local officials. they will not tell you to evacuate if it is not necessary. listen carefully, there was again people that did not listen and three people that got burned and really badly injured because they did not listen. so listen carefully and immediately move as soon as they tell you to move. >> so far, the wildfires have scorched 35,000 acres and they're just 5% contained. anita vogel has the news right now, she's live in la pinata, flint ridge, california where the flames came within inches of homes. >> that's right, it seems to be an ongoing battle for firefighters here in california
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this evening as they deal with this massive fire spreading over several different residential communities, including this one here, and take a look behind me, another hot spot, you can see the thick plume of smoke. it's interesting, because people in the area were evacuated yesterday and let back in this afternoon and had another scare late this afternoon, we can show you at the end of the cul-de-sac, flames crept down the mountain side and licked their neighborhood and some got on the roof tops to hose down the homes. state officials say this is not a wind driven fire, rather, it's a fuel driven fire. >> this is especially difficult because the fuels, in other words, the wood and dry timber and brush has been sitting there over 60 years in this particular fire and makes it a really dry tinder box for fire conditions, meaning it just-- the minute there's a spark or a flame or the fire moves through it's just like throwing gas on a fire. >> reporter: so far three homes
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have been lost in this fire. earlier today, governor schwarzenegger said he really hopes that they could keep it that to number. by tonight, there will be roughly 3000 fire personnel on the fire lines and crews from all over the state. 50 strike teams from all over california as well as other teams from out of state. they are dealing with 100 degree plus temperatures and thick, smoky conditions and of course, this fire fight will certainly continue over the next couple of days, also, tonight we have learned that there have been four firefighters that have gotten injured, one of them from smoke inhalation. the conditions of the other three are not known at this point and again, patti ann, tonight this fire, as we know, is only 5% contained. we're hoping that those figures might go up tonight. back to you. >> anita vogel live in california, thank you. there are two things that firefighters in california really need right now, no wind and cool temperatures. so is the weather going to work with the crews on the fire lines or against them? for an answer, let's bring in accu-weather meteorologist joe
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bastardy, what are we seeing in california right now, joe? >> in this particular situation, we have a massive high pressure alot of as we go over the picture. massive high pressure alot of is over the west and forcing the east wind further west than normal. usually the marine layer comes in further and that helps cool it down and increase the relative humidity and that battle is going to take place the next few days and finally as we get to the weekend, it will be driven out completely and as a matter of fact, next week at this time it's going to be quite cool. there's another problem with the west coast, also, and that is hurricane-- that's hurricane jimmenna and the tropical prediction center is trying to forecast this up through the baja. i believe it's going to try to turn westward in and out and this may be a problem in the baja if the track is realized. probably out to sea to the west, the way we're looking at it here right now. as far as california goes, the situation will improve as the week goes on.
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it could improve as quick as tomorrow. by next week at this time they're going to forget about it and it's going to be cooler. >> meteorologist joe bastardy, thank you. we've been getting incredible pictures of our viewers from california. and you can see the flames behind this building and this comes to us from a viewer. and check out this smoke seen from santa monica beach. it was even spotted from the parking lot of the rose bowl. police keep the pictures coming. send them to u repo, with a u. please never put yourself in harm's way to get a shot. developing receipt now on the fox report, investigators expanding their search near the california home where a woman kidnapped as a child spent 18 years living in captivity. police now using cadaver dogs to search the back yard of the home next to the one owned by phillip and nancy garrido. phil garrido, the man accused of
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kidnapping and raping jaycee dugard took care of the property when no one lived there. investigators are searching for clues that could possibly link the garridos to other unsolved cases in the area. >> it's too early to say what we're looking for. anything at that may be linked to some open cases that we have, at this point, we're going in your thoroughly through both back yards and it's too early to see what we may come up with. >> she was allegedly kidnapped by the garridos when she was only 11 years old. police say phillip garrido fathered two children with her during that time. we have an update coming up. >> and president obama, if you could call it a vacation. the first family returned after a week that was meant to be relaxing, but was anything, but. they had to delay their trip because of hurricane bill and then senator kennedy, a close
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friend passed away tuesday night. and president obama delivered the eulogy at kennedy's funeral. what is waiting for the president now that he's back at the white house? molly line with the latest. >> that's right, it's the end of the president and his family's vacation on martha's vineyard. a eventful vacation, he made a final stop at alley's general store and garcia's deli and bakery for an ice cream run and every bit the father they could each just have one treat and they had to share a pack of gum. he shook hands and greeted shop goers. and a few more hours of down time before the end of his island vacation. late afternoon the first family took off for washington, stopping first on cape cod where he met a corporal, the goldstar family. the corporal was killed in afghanistan on july 23rd and the u.s. marine corporal was the son of the police lieutenant, steven
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and lisa, and then back at home in washington the president has nothing on the schedule for monday, but there are several key issues that are looming. the escalating violence in afghanistan, controversy surrounding his administration's probe into the cia interrogation of suspected terrorists and the ongoing battle amongst congressional leaders regarding president obama's health care initiative. earlier today connecticut senator chris dodd leading the health education and labor pension committee since senator kennedy took ill. called on president obama to clarify his plan for reform. >> well, i think the president's got to decide in a sense that he has and step up and really frame this again for this. the leadership can do it, nancy pelosi and harry reid working hard and i know max baucus working hard with john on the finance committee. >> reporter: this week's events ar reminder of course the president is never truly on vacation, but he is slated to have more r and r at the end of the week, he and family going to camp david and see if they have more family time and a few less
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real life and work time this week, patti ann. >> molly line reporting live. thank you. coming home from vacation to face controversy inside the beltway, the obama white house under fire for launching an investigation into cia interrogations of suspected terrorists. just days ago, attorney general eric holder decided to appoint a special prosecutor to look into alleged abuses by cia agents during the bush administration. previously. president obama indicated such a probe was neither necessary nor productive and that's something former vice-president dick cheney hit on during a hitdown interview with fox news sunday. . >> we had a track record now of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualties attacks from al-qaeda. the approach of the obama administration should be to come to those people who were involved in their policy and say, how did you do it? what were the keys to keeping the country safe over that period of time? instead, they're out there now threatening to disbar the lawyers who gave us the legal
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opinions, threatening cop trar i to what the president originally said. >> reporter: but as you can imagine, defenders of the administration see things differently. >> the president himself has been unbelievably bending in the direction of trying to be careful about what happens to national security, protecting our national security interests, being very sensitive about cia's prerogatives and needs and so for forth. >> the political back and forth is just heating up. the country's power brokers are wrapping up summer breaks and are on the verge of returning to washington. malini wilkes is in the d.c. bureau with more, hi. >> the former vice-president is jumping into the frey, calling the appointment of a special prosecutor on cia interrogations a terrible decision that is clearly political. dick cheney says president obama is ducking responsibility for this decision by suggesting it was left entirely in the hands of the attorney general.
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and he accuses the white house of folding to pressure from the left wing of the democratic party. >> i just, i think it's an outrageous political act, that will do great damage long-term to our capacity to be able to have people take on difficult jobs, make difficult decisions without having to worry about what the next administration's going to say. >> bush administration guidelines allowed the cia to use water boarding and other tactics that some consider torture and you're seeing a demonstration there. cheney says these interrogations kept the country safe from terrorist attacks, but some key lawmakers still question the value of harsh interrogation techniques. >> if you inflict enough pain on anyone, they'll tell you anything that-- to make the pain stop, so you not only get perhaps right information, but you also get a lot of wrong information. but, the damage that it did to america's image in the world is
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something we're still on the way to repairing. >> although snort mccain opposes so-called enhanced interrogations, he says opening this investigation is a serious mistake because it could harm the cia's morale and effectiveness. democratic senator diane feinstein says she's horrified what she's read about the interrogation, she thinks the attorney general should have let the senate intelligence committee should have continued its own review before taking any acti action. >> thank you. brand new details tonight on two stunning crimes. in georgia, seven people found dead inside their home. cops have made an arrest, but the case is far from closed. and virginia tech students grieving as cops investigate the deaths of two teenagers. those stories after the break. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol...
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7:17 pm
called 911 to report the murders the right now cops are not saying how the people were killed or whether they believe the murderer is among the dead. virginia tech students meanwhile are on edge and cops are increasing their patrols after a man walking his dog found the bodies of two students in a campground near campus. the victims, 19-year-old caved lee messler and 18-year-old heidi lynn chiles, both shot to death. laura ingle has this news. laura a sad story. >> it appears this was random and investigators believe the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time. hanging out in or near david metsl metsler's vehicle in a gravel lot overlook ago beautiful field of wild flowers ap green meadows. david was in system engineers just up the road and heidi chiles, chemistry, an honor student accord to go a father, a virginia state police sergeant.
7:18 pm
investigators have been combing through the area where the couple were found and the jefferson national forest is a popular campground with virginia tech students. 15 miles from campus, a site not known for crime for violence. >> it's shocking, it's disturbing and just to summarize it in one word, it's brutal. >> back-to-back funerals will be held for the couple tomorrow, as the investigation to find their killer or killers moves on. those who live nearby the camp site have been questioned as family members, loved ones and virginia tech students try to come to grips with what has now been described by authorities as a random act. virginia tech students are encouraged to talk with friends and counselors if they're in need of help coping with the shocking crime as they return to the campus. the montgomery county sheriff's office is asking anyone with information to call them. we have the number here
7:19 pm
540-382-29 540-382-2951. >> julie: -- >> quite a story, thank you. stop, drop everything and leave, that's for people who are in the path of the california destructive wildfires. also, it was supposed to be a short trip for forcast in the gulf of mexico, but disaster struck on the open sea. after seven days and searching thousands of square miles, even the coast guard had given up hope are finding them alive. but then a miracle. that's next. introducing the all new chevy equinox. with an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon. and up to 600 miles between fill ups. it's the most fuel efficient crossover on the highway.
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ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism. >> for them, all hope seemed lost, even the coast guard had called off the search for three men, after scouring 86,000 square miles of water without find ago trace and then a
7:23 pm
miracle. the texas men found alive and well, late last night, resting on top of the hull of their over turned boat. nearly eight days earlier the trio set sail in the 23 foot cat maroon in the gulf of mexico and never returned. another boat found the men drifting 180 miles off land and each of the men declined medical treatment when they arrived back on land. former first daughter jenna bush now jenna bush hager is the newest correspondent for today's show. she'll contribute stories once a month about issues like education. jenna is working right now as a reading coordinator at a baltimore school. she says she always wanted to be a teacher and a writer. she's published two books alrea already. well, america watched as he was laid to rest, but the significance of the loss of senator edward kennedy may not be truly felt until his colleagues head back to capitol
7:24 pm
hill. we have new video into fox from arlington national cemetery showing the final resting place of the man known as the liberal lion of the senate. his grave marked by a plain white cross and headstone much like his brother bobby buried nearby. he was a driving force behind the proposed overhaul of america's health care system and now, lawmakers are preparing to return to washington and as they do, you can be sure the late senator's name will often be invoked on both sides of the political aisle. caroline shively has more from washington. >> the death of ted kennedy could dramatically change the fight for health care reform for two reasons, one he's been leading the charge for reform for four decades. for another, the demes and independents have fallen below the 60 vote filibuster proof majority. if they go for a partisan bill they may have to have some maneuver for the 60 vote instead of the threshold. harry reid said if he can't get a bipartisan vote he'll vote
7:25 pm
partisan. republicans are no fan of that plan. republican orrin hatch tells abc that lawmakers can learn a lot from kennedy. >> one thing that kennedy had, he could bring together all of the base groups of the democratic party. they wouldn't take him on once he made up his mind. but kennedy had something most members of the senate don't have. he could afford to wait and he didn't have 0 worry about attacks from the left, something earned over a 47 year career. >> ted kennedy had the ability and the knowledge to get into a political situation and make the compromises that he knew that there might be some people who might be unhappy with this one or that one, but no one was going to credibly say, oh, ted kennedy was out for no good reason. >> so far a lot of talk about compromise for both sides. so far no action. patti ann. >> julie: caroli. >> patti ann: caroline shively. thank you. her kidnapping rattled a small town. her sdo
7:26 pm
discovery 18 years later. police are concerned she may not be the only victim. why they're now expanding the search to the property next door. he's been held behind enemy lines for three years and now a deal could be close for this soldier's freedom. the powerful person optimistic about his release. that's next. ♪
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>> developing now on the fox report. investigators expanding their search at the back yard compound where a woman kidnapped as a child spent 18 years living in captivity. but now, investigators say jayc jaycee dugard may not be her alled abductor's only victim. casey stegall is live in california with the latest on this, hi, casey. >> reporter: hi, patti ann, it's been a busy day in terms of this investigation. although police have not come out and released much, we personally have seen an awful lot of activity going on at this house right back here behind. in fact, this is the third day investigators have been on the scene processing what they describe as a very elaborate crime scene. cadaver dogs were brought in this afternoon and they are still here sniffing around for any signs of human remains.
7:30 pm
we have also seen shovels, rakes, and chain saws carried in today. investigators have been digging up parts of the back yard all while wearing face mavericks. remember, that back yard was jaycee dugard's home for 18 years and her children. the search not only includes phillip garrido's yard, but his neighbor's as well though his neighbor is not considered a suspect by police, listen to why they're looking at his property. >> what we also know is that phillip garrido had access to that property. he used that property and it looks like he lived on that property in a shed. so we know he was there and that's why primarily we're taking a close look at that property. >> reporter: and just when you thought you'd heard it all, investigators sega reado may in fact be linked to other crimes like unsolved murder in the area, prostitutes in the early '90s whose bodies turned up near an industrial park where garrido
7:31 pm
was working at the time. lastly, jaycee and her daughters are being reacquainted with their family this weekend, as they have been shut off from the entire world the last 18 years. patti ann. >> patti ann: unbelievable story. casey, thank you. the foster parents after missing california boy are under arrest and now at the center of a homicide investigation. hasanni campbell's foster father held on suspicion of murder and the mother as an accessory. they said he wandered away in a parking lot and has not been seen since. he wears braces on his legs, he was cerebral palsy. they say his foster father sent a text message full of curse words tlepg to leave him alone at a train station and the foster father says he's cooperated with the police 100% and the parents held vigils and
7:32 pm
publicly pleaded for their boy's safe return. new developments in the saga of a young israeli soldier held hyped enemy lines for three years. in an exclusive interview with bret baier, the host of special report on fox news israeli president perez says that talks over the fate of shalit are continuing and that quote, the gap has narrowed. you may recall he was captured in the gaza strip in 2006. just this week his family celebrated his 23rd birthday and perez hinting a prisoner exchange may be part of the negotiations, but despite that possibility, the israeli president also sent a warpi war to hamas. >> just yesterday a rocket was fired from here, landing somewhere out here. >> yes, yes. the story is if they shoot the-- we reply immediately. >> reporter: so you're standing here looking at this. they can see you at this location. do you get worried? >> no.
7:33 pm
i think they won't do it because they know immediately that there will be retaliation and that's a handwritten game between us and them and they want to respect it, they'll pay everything. >> patti ann: perez going on to talk about iran's nuclear ambition and his government's new relationship with the obama administration, you can watch more of this exclusive interview tomorrow on special report with bret baier. bret will host the show live from jerusalem starting at 6 p.m. eastern. the history of hostility and distrust between israel and hamas go well beyond captives held by either side. the conflict continually fueled by hamas attacks on israel and israeli reprizeals. earlier today, israeli aircraft bombed a building in the gaza strip, saying a rocket attacked provoked the response. the latest skirmish, a year after israel launched a mainly offense against hamas in the gaza strip.
7:34 pm
mike tobin. >> reporter: they're at it again along the gaza strip, israelis and palestinians against each other, the latest sh shot. hamas claims it was an empty building, israel claims it was hiding the entrance to a tunnel used to transport gunman into israel for another cross border attack. there was no one in the billed agoen nobody was injured. they say it was in response to a crude rocket fired out of the gaza strip into israel on saturday and the rocket landed in an open area and also hurt no one. over the past week, skirmishes along the israel-gaza border have been increasing with frequency, involving mortars fired at israelis position and opening fire with machine guns when they reported seeing individuals approaching the border fence. through it all the egyptian mediated truce that ended the gaza war is loosely holding together. that truce was negotiated with hamas. intelligence indicates the
7:35 pm
palestinian fire is not coming directly from hamas, rather than coming from some of the other rebel groups in the gaz is strip. still, israel holds hamas responsible for the fire because hamas controls that narrow strip of land. patti ann, back to you. >> patti ann: mike tobin in jerusalem, thanks. wildfires taking a toll down under, while in mexico they're celebrating the king of pop's birthday taking a shot at a world record. these are two of our stops as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iraq, a series of bombs goes off across baghdad. one roadside bomb exploding as an iraqi police patrol moved past. the officers were not hurt, but the blast killed a civilian and wounded seven others. this just a day after terrorists set off explosions in numerous sites across the country, leaving 18 people dead. australia, fires wreaking havoc as flames continue to push towards residential neighborhoods. now, the wind are picking up and
7:36 pm
the officials are telling area residents to evacuate. the rural fire service warning the blaze will continue for at least several more days. india, seven of eight monkeys stolen from a zoo have been recovered. police getting them back by pretending to be black market smugglers telling the thieves they wanted to buy the animals. they're rare bra citizenion marmsets, sadly one of them died. mexico, michael jackson fans by the thousands coming together to celebrate the king of pop's birthday. the crowd claiming they broke the record for most people dancing to the song thriller. ormsers claim nearly 13,000 people participated and are now awaiting confirmation from folks at the guinness books ♪ thriller, thriller . >> that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. a dramatic rescue caught on tape as a city councilman suffers a
7:37 pm
heart attack on live tv. and that video is just ahead. also, an update on those wildfires raging out of control in california. we're showing you live pictures right now of that scene north of los angeles. thousands of people forced from their homes, told to evacuate as hundreds of firefighters struggle to contain eight separate fires. we'll speak with a congressman whose district has been hit hard by the flames when fox report returns. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans
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>> a wildfires alert. wild pictures in california, burning out of control now. several people have already been burned and at least three homes lost. right now the blaze is threatening to move around 12,000 homes. hundreds of homes have already been evacuated and this fire has been raging for the past four days in the area around ands less national forest and consumed more than 55 square miles. mandatory evaluations are in effect for the years around glendale and pasadena and right now, we have the california representative adam schiff live from california, congressman, can you give us update what's been happening?
7:41 pm
>> some of the best firefighting personnel anywhere in the world and doing a miraculous jobs protecting the homes and families and we've been lucky we haven't had the usual santa ana wind, it's early for those kind of winds so the fire hasn't been moving as fast as it could, at the same time, we've lost at least a minimum of three homes, probably many times that number, some vacation homes, many full-time year around residences for families, but, we're seeing the fire move away from the residences to the northeast and west, rather than south. that's very positive news. we're concerned at this moment about mount wilson where there's a lot of very important telecommunications infrastructure, the satellite relays, cell towers, as well as historic observatory that we're hoping to save all of that, but this fire is so big and the temperature ambient temperatures so hot, it's about 100 degrees outside, that it's very
7:42 pm
difficult to contained. this morning aring it was about 5% contained. it's probably maybe a little less than 5% now. it's 35,000 acres in the zone this morning, probably close to 45,000 affected acres right now. >> patti ann: congressman, earlier today. governor schwarzenegger said three people have been burned and critically injured because they did not listen to these evaluation orde evacuation orde what details do you have on these people? >> i think a couple of the three were under mandatory evacuations and decided to stay with a their homes. you can't force people out of their homes, but clearly when the firefighting authorities tell you, this is dangerous you need to move on you really ought to move on and unfortunately we see some of the consequences when people stay behind and i've talked to families, yes, that are in the evacuation areas and trying to get good information whether their homes are still will or not still there who are very frustrated right now. everything they own, all their
7:43 pm
memories are tied up in the homes at times, and they can't get information about whether their home is still there. so, some people deciding to stay, but again, that's a tremendous risk and sometimes has the most dire consequences. >> hundreds of home evacuated, three destroyed, 12,000 in danger, as you say, many people who want to save their homes, but your advice would be just to get out. these firefighters, i understand, also several firefighter injuries, small inhalation and some other injuries, it must be just an absolutely exhausting effort for them. i understand they're getting lots of outside assistance, but it's days now and they're tired? >> they're very tired and they're working around the clock and again, these conditions, it's really, really, obviously, intensely hot when you're near the fire, right now it's intensely hot when you're not near the fire, it's 100 degrees in the best of circumstances, we had one firefighter earlier on severely dehydrated having
7:44 pm
reasonable failure, hopefully he's doing better now, but the first priority, obviously, is the safety of the personnel, the safety of the families in the ar area. >> patti ann: right. >> but you get a real sense of the power of mother nature when you look at these flames and their towering height and realize there's only so much you can do. >> congressman-- >> they're doing an extraordinary job. >> certainly are, thank you so much and the best of luck to you. >> thank you. >> patti ann: all right. welsh the space shuttle "discovery" is closing in on the international space station. a delicate dance up in space expect today conclude at 9 p.m. eastern when discovery docks with the iss. the shuttle crew spent the day checking the exterior of the craft it make sure nothing was damaged during the launch and preliminary photos showed they fared well. discovery was loaded with more than 17,000 pound of supplies for the space station's six astronauts and includes a 5 million dollar treadmill known as the combined operational,
7:45 pm
resistance treadmill, that spells colbert for short and yes, named for the host of the colbert report, steven colbert. a disturbing seen in miami. a member of the city council collapsed on live television while discussing cut bachbacks e rescue department. it was caught on tape. one minute giving a speech about budget cuts and collapses at his desk. rescue workers from miami beach, florida, helped antonio herpes they began cpr and kept him going until an ambulance arrived he's in intensive care. >> tensions high in another taun hall meeting and new orleans look to the future four years after katrina. just two stops as we go across america. >> missouri, two women killed when their car slams into a fire truck in kansas city. the driver of the truck says he saw a camaro speeding through traffic and tried to veer out of
7:46 pm
the car's way, but didn't have enough time. the two women were passengers in the car. the driver survived, but is in critical condition. arizona, a tussle at a town hall meeting in tucson. a man walked in with a sign in support of the 0 so-called government option and the meeting dissolved in a shouting match. we're told one man tried to elbow another and was escorted out by police. maryland. >> the smell is horrendous. nearly two dozen dogs found without food and water inside a filthy home. foreclosures say many of the dogs were neglected puppies. many with no hair and welts on their skin from flea bites. >> the animal control individuals have informed me that it takes about a week to develop trust with these dogs and they recommend that rather than giving these dogs out to individuals who may be interested in taking them right away is they go to a rescue facility first, to better acclimate them for private
7:47 pm
ownership. >> the dogs are cared for at a local shelter and officials are considering charges against their owner. louisiana the mayor of new orleans asking folks to reflect on the city's progress since katrina. >> you drive through lakeview, you see a tremendous-- central city, you go in algiers, you go uptown, ladies and gentlemen, we have some momentum. >> the storm hit four years ago this weekend and quickly became one of the nation's deadliest, causing more than 100 billion dollars in damage and that's a fox watch across america. . >> fighter jets putting on an aerodynamic display for hundreds of fans down below, but this air show suddenly turned sddisastro, what might have led to this tragedy. that's next. 
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>> an air show in poland deadly after a fighter jet slammed to the ground. po both pilots being killed. the plan crashes into the ground and investigators are trying to find the cause of the crash, but they say it may be the result of birds flying into the plane's engine. no one on the ground was injured. his approval rating is sliding here in the states, but president obama remains very popular overseas, at least in parts of the europe and asia, but not in a country that has traditionally been one of america's strongest allies. israel. even though the president has met with israeli leaders and prayed at the western walls, his numbers are sliding. why? rina ninen has more. >> he's met with israeli leaders, toward hamas, rocket stricken city, and prayed at the
7:52 pm
western wall, but since taking office, the survey of 25 countries shows israel is the one place where president obama's approval ratings have declined. from 75% to 63%. following his cairo address it arab nations in june. >> the most religious jews don't like obama. we need to come and see what's going on. but he's been here several timesments been here, one or two times, but he doesn't really know what's going on here. >> most his life we want him to be-- >> and add to go america's popularity decline, obama's push for israel to stop building settlements in the west bank. >> obama's obsession with the settlement issue led israelis to think that oort either he does not understand what's going on in the middle east or he is
7:53 pm
seeking confrontation with israel in order to please muslims and arabs. >> as the white house pushes harder in the coming months for a palestinian state, tensions are likely to grow, but not everyone is pessimistic. a majority of israeli's support president obama's vision of a palestinian state, but what they tell us they do not like is the way he's forcing israel to accept his any. patti ann? >> all right, rina ninen, thank you. well, the mega store ikea is trying out something new in the fall catalog and has some folks upset. what is sparking the controversy? wait until you hear about it next. you're the colon lady! diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating. that's me! can i tell you what a difference phillips' colon health has made? it's the probiotics. the good bacteria. that gets your colon back in balance. i'm good to go! phillips' colon health.
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>> ikea lovers prepare yourself. the mega store embroiled in scandal and they changed the type feast in the latest catalog, not kidding. the new type face is designed for microsoft, for text easier
7:57 pm
to read on computer screens. below the old type face. some ikea fans are outraged saying the new text is less elegant and the speaks person says it never expected a response, but adds the new type face works well in awed media and ang languages and its catalog is the most printed in the word. usually when someone says you're playing a game dirty it's a bad thing, but this time dirty is the name of the game. boot throwing to mud football and volleyball. thousands turning out to watch the players get down and dirty, but the best part, it's all for a good cause. the event raising money for the local cancer society. movie goers this weekend, making a sequel their destination. >> the final destination scaring
7:58 pm
its way to the top spot this weekend, an impressive feat considering it's the fourth installment of the series an and in its second week, brad pitt and quentin tarantino. and halloween 2 the top three and speaking of sequels the 10th halloween flick in the series. district 9. fwi joe, rise of cobra rounding out the top five. and it's time now for a look at stories making news in the week ahead. wednesday the man accused of opening fire in washington's holocaust museum back in june killing a guard will be arraigned in federal court. james van bron indicted on first degree murder, commit ago bias motivated charge and killing in a federal building four of the charges makes him eligible for the death penalty. michael jackson is expected to be buried on thus in los angeles. his burial moved back several times and jackson died june
7:59 pm
25th. his death is now ruled a homicide caused by a powerful anesthetic and sedative. and it was on this day in 1984 that the space shuttle "discovery" currently en route to the international space station first reached the final frontier and discovery blasting off from the kennedy space center for its maiden voyage. it was the fourth launch attempt for nasa after running into a series of technical problems, discovery was the third orbitter of its kind and lightest thanks to new space age material used for a thermal blanket. a good thing, it was carrying 47,000 pounds of cargo at the time. they spent six days in space, before returning to earth. the first of many successful mission toss come, 25 years ago today. and now you know the news as fox reports this sunday, august 30th, 2009. i'm patti ann browne in for julie banderas who walked down the aisle this weekend with her fiancee now husband,


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